With this “sugar destroying” herb—backed by
groundbreaking human studies…

You won't believe how fast you can
give your family the great news about your blood sugar...

And this is just one part of the secret
that allowed this man to say:

“I felt the difference in about a week. It appears to be keeping my blood sugar in check, and has really improved my daily life to know that my blood sugar is spiking less after meals!”
– Tom Bowman


Dear Reader,

How would it feel to get that target off your back?

You know the one…

Where you feel your wife’s eyes boring into you as you stand in front of the pantry late at night…

Your brother’s sideways glances as you reach for an extra slice of birthday cake…

Even your own children’s “helpful” attempts at some “fun” exercise?

You know what a relief it would be to put your blood sugar worries behind you. And if you could do it in just 10 days? (In a few seconds you’ll see the study that shows how that’s possible.)

Imagine being able to feel healthier, look better, and come home from the doctor with a smile on your face.

Yeah, yeah, they’re just looking out for you. But you know to stay active and eat right. You don’t need to be watched over like a child. Because the truth is…

You already know too well what can happen if your blood sugar is off.

You know that if you’ve got some excess sugar, it can float around in your bloodstream like a poison.

You can feel it—you have a big meal and a few minutes later, you feel the exhaustion creeping over you. You’re supposed to go to the gym later, but…you’re just too tired. It’s an endless cycle.

And it’s scary.

So you need to know how you could easily turn your blood sugar concerns around—in a matter of days—and finally give your family some good news.

One landmark study shows a medicinal herb promotes blood sugar health in as little as 10 days.

In traditional Indian medicine, it’s been a staple for thousands of years. There are records of it dating back to the 6th Century B.C.

They used it to treat snake bites. They drank it as a tea to control weight. And its name literally means sugar destroyer. Now it turns out—as so often is the case—those medicine men were really onto something.

Today, over 70 published human and animal studies—reviewed by doctors from Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and other top institutions—confirm this herb helps improve natural insulin sensitivity and maintain healthy blood glucose levels. And it does it safely.

The results from one groundbreaking human study in particular left researchers with their jaws on the floor. And it’s no wonder. These findings might change the way we deal with blood sugar… forever. Just look at the details…  

A small group of volunteers took 1000 mg of this herb—called gymnema sylvestre—twice a day.

Then, just 10 short days later, researchers reported the stunning results. It turns out, this natural powerhouse can…

  • Keep blood sugar stable, hour by hour. So instead of needing that afternoon nap, you could be bursting with vibrant, youthful energy to do whatever you like—any time of day. 

  • Reduce natural blood sugar spikes after meals. So you can go out and celebrate anniversaries or birthdays with family and friends…without having to turn down that rich chocolate cake or stressing about how you’ll feel after. And without all the sideways glances from your loved ones.

  • Support a “speedier and greater insulin response.” So instead of obsessing over what your next tests are going to show, you can relax. Play a round of golf. Garden. Those tests will be the furthest thing from your mind.

And the best part of all this is when your loved ones stop paying attention to every move you make. Except to notice how healthy you look lately.

Because amazingly, gymnema can even help you…

Keep off those extra pounds—without the extra effort.

That’s right. Gymnema may finally be the secret weapon to boost your weight loss efforts in the “battle of the bulge.”

It sure was for the 90 volunteers in a Georgetown University Medical Center study. Gymnema, along with other herbs and a daily walk, helped support their fat burning and weight loss efforts. And in only eight weeks.

You see, when you chew the herb’s leaves, it actually suppresses the sweetness of foods. That’s because it has a molecular structure similar to sugar. It acts as a “sugar stand-in”—convincing your taste buds they’ve gotten something sweet when they haven’t. So it fights your sweet tooth at the source.

Just imagine what a huge relief that will be. I mean, we all enjoy sweets and high-carb foods. Even if you’ve just enjoyed a healthy, filling meal…you somehow still have room for dessert. Heck, you even crave it!

But as you probably know all too well, these cravings make it hard for you to stick with your efforts to eat healthy. Sometimes they make it impossible. That’s where gymnema may help. And the good news doesn’t end there…

One specific form of gymnema, combined with a few other key nutrients, can…

Target every angle of your blood sugar health so you can put your worries behind you—for good.

My name is Angela Salerno. I’m the President of the Institute for Natural Healing.

Our network of scientists and researchers is dedicated to finding natural, science-backed solutions to help you and your loved ones enjoy longer, healthier lives.  

We have access to health findings you won’t hear about in the mainstream news. Or even typical natural health news sources.

Often those findings are urgent. And life-changing.

We know the traditional ways to support blood sugar health.

Slow and painstaking ways most of us just don’t have the willpower to keep up with.

Special diets. Boring exercise regimens you don’t always have time or energy for. Denying yourself even so much as a glance at the dessert menu.

It’s a daily battle that you just can’t seem to win….and it only gets harder and more exhausting with age. Before you know it, the life you imagined for yourself—full of fun and excitement—has completely slipped away.

But we’ve found a way to help you get it all back.

With gymnema sylvestre, the ancient herb that’s surprising modern medicine... combined with science-backed nutrients…you could:

  • Improve A1C levels
  • Support your own healthy insulin sensitivity
  • Use glucose better to feed energy to each one of your cells

So you can maintain healthy blood sugar naturally.
With this all-in-one blood sugar support, you may never need to worry again.

Instead, you can get GlucoGold.  

GlucoGold delivers the most potent form of gymnema, combined with the three other nutrients your body needs, every day, to keep your blood sugar health in tip top shape. 

You won’t find this ultimate combination in any other daily formula. And when these four nutrients get together, they deliver support and trigger your body’s glucose metabolism and energy like nothing else.

You’ll know the moment GlucoGold kicks in. You’ll feel better than you have in years.

Like one user who recently told us:

"I felt the difference right away! I’m more alert during the day! It’s cut my cravings. It helps cut post-meal spikes and helps keep my blood sugar and A1C in the normal range! Why did it take so long to get this supplement on the market?" 

We love getting this kind of feedback. But it doesn’t surprise us.

When your body finally gets the targeted support it needs…

  • Your cravings naturally fade. So you can watch the nightly news without ever feeling that magnetic pull from the snacks in the pantry.
  • You feel reinvigorated and energized. No more dragging after a meal. Now you can hit the town for dinner and a movie—because your nights belong to you.
  • You can truly enjoy food again. Even if you splurge from time to time, your family won’t worry—and neither will you—because you’re in control.
  • Your weight loss efforts are amplified—without all the struggle. Instead of counting calories, you’ll be counting all the compliments you get on your new, healthy body.   
  • You feel sharper than you have in years. The fog lifts and your mind is alert—from the moment you pop out of bed in the morning. Check off your to-do list by noon and have the rest of the day for a walk to the library, or beating the pants off your friends at a card game.

GlucoGold’s unique formula is the most scientifically advanced natural blood sugar support available. It’s designed to help reduce natural spikes and cravings while increasing insulin sensitivity and helping your body maintain healthy, balanced blood sugar.

People everywhere—just like you—write in all the time to tell us how GlucoGold is helping them keep their independence and make their families proud…

“I felt the difference in about a week!”

 “I felt the difference in about a week. GlucoGold appears to be keeping my blood sugar in check, and that’s a good thing! It’s really improved my daily life to know that my blood sugar is not spiking after meals! I’d recommend GlucoGold to anyone concerned about keeping their blood sugar in check.” 

“It helps with food cravings—especially sugar!”

“What I love most about GlucoGold is the way it helps keep my blood sugar in the normal range. And it also helps with food cravings—especially sugar. I’m relieved I found this product. It’s definitely an alternative to mainstream blood sugar support. I’m promoting it to people I know—and my doctor as well!”

And it’s never too late. With GlucoGold, you can make sure your blood sugar stays on the safe track. Because just like so many other folks have already found out—this potent formula can also help you…

  • Impress your family and doctor with your A1C results and healthy blood sugar levels. Imagine never having to worry when you go in for blood work. Because when your doctor sees your results—he’ll be the one asking YOU for advice. 
  • Support healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels. There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing that you’re in fighting shape. A strong heart and robust cardiovascular system will give you the freedom to enjoy every activity you love to the absolute fullest.
  • Support your insulin sensitivity. Supporting your body’s ability to use its own natural insulin is the best way to keep your blood sugar healthy. When this vital system is working well, you’ll have sustainable energy to do everything you want—every single day.

We designed GlucoGold to help you achieve these kinds of life-changing results—so you can keep enjoying the life you were meant to live.

That’s why GlucoGold contains only the best research-backed nutrients, in the precise dosages effective for head to toe healthy blood sugar.

Starting with gymnema.

The active compounds are called gymnemic acids. Many supplements contain only 25%. But not GlucoGold. It contains 75%.

That’s TRIPLE the amount of the sugar destroyer for fast, noticeable results.

And, while some gymnema supplements contain as little as 200 mg per serving…you’ll get 400 mg with GlucoGold. Because that’s the amount shown in clinical studies to support natural insulin and blood sugar health. 

But that’s just the beginning.

Every nutrient in GlucoGold upholds the highest possible standard of potency and purity. So you can feel better right away. That’s why we also included…

The “miracle mineral” that brightens your mood…quiets carbohydrate cravings…and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Experts from the National Institutes of Health to the USDA agree: the trace mineral chromium is essential for optimum blood sugar health.

Your body needs it to help break down carbohydrates, protein, and fat for energy. So a healthy metabolism depends on chromium to work at its best.  

Without it you feel sluggish, like you’re drowning in brain fog, tired, unable to concentrate…

That’s because chromium actually helps sensitize your cells to insulin. And insulin sensitivity is vital for healthy blood sugar levels. Since insulin is in charge of moving glucose from your bloodstream into your cells for energy—you need chromium to make sure your cells can actually absorb it.

It’s a must for those healthy blood tests you’re going to surprise your family with.

Thing is…a recent study of 40,000 men and women revealed that our chromium levels naturally drop as we get older.

And it’s nearly impossible to boost chromium through diet alone. You’d need to eat 10 cups of broccoli a day— a chromium-rich food—just to get the bare minimum. It’s no wonder a whopping 90% of Americans aren’t getting enough in their diet

But not all chromium is created equal. Not by a long shot.

The form we use in GlucoGold has been shown to absorb up to 600% BETTER than other forms.

It’s called chromium picolinate. It’s the kind your body absorbs best and the only one shown in these studies to…. 

  • Quiet carbohydrate cravings and brighten your mood: In a small eight-week study, the chromium picolinate group enjoyed better appetite controlhad less cravings for carbohydrates…ate less…and had a brighter mood and better sex drive.
  • Lower post-meal sugar spikes 30%: A small group of healthy volunteers ate a high carb meal and took either chromium or a placebo. The chromium evened out post-meal blood sugar spikes better than the placebo group. And that’s after eating a bunch of carbs!  

GlucoGold delivers 1,000 mcg of chromium picolinate.

That amount will boost your chances for faster, better support for healthy blood sugar and encouraging check-ups. When was the last time you called your family after a doctor’s appointment to tell them good news? Now you’ll want to boast before you even leave the parking lot.

No more stress, no more fear…GlucoGold makes blood sugar support simple. A daily dose of gymnema, chromium, and…

The natural “energy-maker” your body is really craving!

The third ingredient in GlucoGold is a potent antioxidant called alpha lipoic acid. We’ll call it ALA for short.

Your body makes ALA on its own. It’s in every cell of your body—with good reason. ALA works in the “fuel center” of your cells, where the food you eat gets burned up and stored for energy. It makes sure you have power right when you need it. Like an extra battery pack that switches on when you’re starting to fade.

You know that amusement park your granddaughter keeps begging you to take her to? The Saturday morning tennis doubles you weren’t sure you could keep up with? Crossing the finish line in that charity walk that means so much to you?

You’ll be ready for all of it, with the vital support ALA gives your body. That’s why we included it in GlucoGold.

And it guards insulin health better than any other nutrient.

Here’s how:

ALA is powerful antioxidant. It attacks and destroys free radicals, the waste products your body makes every time you turn food into energy. 

Researchers have discovered that free radicals can actually wear away at your cells…leaving them unable to respond as well to your natural insulin.

According to exciting research out of Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, ALA can keep cells healthy against this dangerous wear and tear. And research shows that 1,200 mg of ALA daily can:

  • Boost insulin sensitivity
  • Speed blood sugar into your cells
  • And help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

So 1,200 mg is the exact amount you’ll get in GlucoGold. 

With these three clinically-backed nutrients alone, you can feel 100% confident you’re getting the power you need to help yourself maintain healthy blood sugar.

But we’ve also included 225 mg of the soluble fiber beta glucan. Everyone can benefit from this heart-healthy dietary fiber. But we included it in GlucoGold for another great reason:

  • It may help slow the rate at which sugar hits your bloodstream. That means your body gets an even greater chance to metabolize sugar at a healthy pace.
  • And it may help slow carbohydrate absorption in your gut. So it could help cut down those natural post-meal sugar spikes.

And here’s the best part. A little extra fiber from beta glucan can help you feel more full and satisfied from your meals. So you get even more support to help you crush cravings and take control. You won’t have to listen to your wife wondering out loud where all the ice cream went.

Because as she goes to the freezer…she’ll see your winning test results hanging there.

Once GlucoGold arrives at your door…

You could start enjoying all of these benefits faster than you ever imagined.

Because not only are these ingredients shown to work…
We found one more a way to upgrade our powerhouse blood sugar formula.

GlucoGold is packaged in a patented, rapid-delivery liquid-filled capsule.
This advanced capsule allows us to deliver the GlucoGold formula free from binders, fillers, or preservatives. So all you’re getting are pure, potent, active nutrients. Even better…

The patented liquid-filled capsule speeds these blood sugar nutrients into your system.

Remember, when you take a tablet or pill, your body has to “liquefy” the nutrients in order to use them. That delays absorption. And it can rob you of critical nutrient support when you need it most. 

With GlucoGold’s liquid-filled capsule delivery system, the nutrients are already dissolved and ready for your body to put them to work. That's the most effective way we know of to deliver your gold standard blood sugar support.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a difference with your very first dose!

Plus the capsules are designed to protect the freshness and stability of the nutrients.

Each capsule has a tiny “freshness bubble” inside it. This cutting edge technology keeps the nutrients airtight and protected from oxygen and moisture. It maintains the stability and freshness of these nutrients.

When you take GlucoGold, you can feel secure that you’re getting potent nutrients—guaranteed to be fresh and highly absorbable.  

Other products sit on shelves waiting to be shipped. All the while, they’re losing potency. The “freshness bubble” in GlucoGold prevents that. Every ingredient stays fresh and ready to do its job.

That’s just one more reason you could feel a fast turnaround in your energy and alertness. Perhaps in a matter of weeks...or even days.

GlucoGold is the most potent and complete natural blood sugar support you can find anywhere.

And the best way we know to stand behind our product is to extend to you…

The GlucoGold Lifetime Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

We’re confident you'll love the way GlucoGold jumpstarts your energy, crushes cravings, and helps you feel more alert.

We’re confident GlucoGold will support and promote healthy blood sugar as no other formula can. And thanks to the liquid gel delivery system, your body will soak up the nutrients like a sponge.  

We’re confident you could walk out of your doctor’s office after starting GlucoGold with better blood tests than you’ve seen in years. (And when you do, we hope you’ll let us know!)

We’re confident your loved ones will be proud…and stop watching you like a hawk.

So here’s our guarantee:

GlucoGold is the best blood sugar solution you've ever tried—or it's yours FREE!

If you ever decide you’re not getting the results you expected from GlucoGold—at any time, for any reason—just give us a call, and we’ll give you a refund (less the small shipping fee). No hassle. No questions asked.

Other supplement companies give you 30, 60, or 90 days to decide. But we want you to take as long as you need to feel the results GlucoGold will give you.

Because once you do…you'll want GlucoGold in your corner for the rest of your life.   

So your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for life. Period.

You will likely never see these ingredients together—not to mention at these dosages—in any other supplement.

If you were to buy each of these supplements separately, you’d pay over $105 to get the same level of high quality nutrition we pack in to a single bottle of GlucoGold.

And you still wouldn’t get the same science-backed dosages or potency-guaranteed liquid formula delivery system.

But now you can get a month’s supply of GlucoGold for less than half of that.

And remember, every order of GlucoGold is 100% risk-free, for life!

There’s a button at the bottom of this page that goes to the order form. You’ll see how you can bring the price of GlucoGold down when you order more than one bottle. So there’s nothing at all to lose when you try GlucoGold today.

Order your own supply now. Just click on the button below.

Let GlucoGold go to work for you right away. In as little as 10 days!

The sooner you start, the sooner you can take back control of your body and your life. And finally get that target off your back, knowing you’re helping to protect your health well into the future.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
President, New Summit Nutritionals
A division of The Institute for Natural Healing

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