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The bureaucrats let this discovery collect dust, but now you can use it to…





Dear Reader,

Our story begins in a research facility—deep inside the North Chicago complex of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

That’s where—in 1999—a team of scientists uncovered a natural compound with the power to reverse age-related vision loss.

It’s a nutrient so perfect that only a pinch of it each day was enough to help the senior-age veterans who participated in the study:

crowd of people

That’s like going from this:

blurry vision

To this:

clear vision

And yet, the VA seems to have kept these groundbreaking results practically classified!

How would you like to go in for your next eye exam and be able to read an entire line on the vision chart that you can’t even make out now?

That extra line could help you…

Pitch your reading glasses for good!

With the help of this very special nutrient—now you can.

Hi, I’m Charlie Foster for New Summit Nutritionals. When I first caught wind of this story, I hit the roof.

An inexpensive nutrient that can reverse age-related vision loss? Of course the V.A. would want everyone to know about it, right?

Well, not quite…

Those Washington bureaucrats work hard for their big dollar drug company lobbyists.

And Big Pharma can’t make a dime off of this breakthrough.

So this safe, inexpensive, totally natural way to reverse age-related vision loss was left to collect dust—until now.

In this brief report, I’m going to give you everything you need to know to reclaim your vision—and keep it for the rest of your life.

Even if you have 20/20 vision nowthis secret fortifies eye health so you can keep it for life.

I’m also going to let you in on a way you can easily supercharge its power to help:

And so much more…simply by combining this special nutrient with a unique blend of science-backed natural ingredients.

Because together they can help deliver…

Crystal Clear Vision—Every Day
and Every Night—FOR LIFE

If you’re getting up there in years, you probably already notice that it’s getting tougher to read small print, make out signs, or see well in dim light.

But let me clear something up. Vision loss is NOT just a part of getting old—and you shouldn’t just accept it.  

The root cause of age-related vision loss is actually simple and easy to fix.

You see, at the center of your retina sits a part of your eye called the macula.

eye anatomy

Your macula gives you sharp central vision.

That’s what you use when you need to thread a needle, read a tape measure—or see just about anything clearly.

Your macula depends on a very special substance called macular pigment.

It shields your eyes from damaging UV radiation and free radicals—keeping out all of the bad stuff—and ensuring your vision stays crystal clear.

When you’re born, your macular pigment reserves are full. But as you age they can be drained.

And by the time you hit 60, there could be nothing left at all.

That leaves your eyes completely unprotected—allowing damaging light to scorch your retinas and everything else in its path.

With time this destructive light—not to mention pollution and free radical attacks—can break down your macula, leading to both clouding and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in older people.

before and after AMD Before AMDAfter AMD

But now you can stop it.

This is where the nutrient the V.A. gave that group of veterans comes in. It’s called lutein.

A huge portion of your macular pigment is actually made up of lutein.  

So it’s no surprise why the veterans who took it saw their vision improve in so many ways.  

And in a 2003 double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in the scientific journal Nutrition—researchers asked a group of men and women to take lutein three times a week, while measuring their visual sharpness every three months.

After just the first three months, vision tests revealed that the group taking lutein were already seeing better than the people who didn’t get it.

Then at 18 months, the researchers tested everyone’s vision again, and were astonished by what they discovered.

The people taking lutein now had an average score of nearly 20/20 vision!

They had regained perfect eyesight!

But lutein is only half of the story.

You see, the remainder of your macular pigment is made up of another potent antioxidant called zeaxanthin.

Zeaxanthin helps your eyes see color more vibrantly—and it works in unison with lutein to keep your vision crisp.

When you get enough lutein and zeaxanthin, your macular pigment pool refills—and your eyes start coming back to life.

And working like they did when you were young.

Harvard Medical School study reveals:
The secret to youthful vision over 60

A 1998 Harvard Medical School study confirms it. It showed that people over 60 with high macular pigment density had the same visual sensitivity as younger people.

As the researchers put it:

“Perhaps the gradual loss of vision in many older people is not an inevitable consequence of the aging process…

 The results show that high macular pigment density was associated with the retention of youthful visual sensitivity.”

And you already know…

Good Vision = Lifelong Independence

I plan to live a long life...and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

I have no intention of ever depending on others just to run errands or do my bills.

But vision problems can come out of nowhere. That’s why you’ve got to do something now, to make sure you never have to fear losing your eyesight.

By taking charge now, you can just sit back and relax—knowing you’ll always…

Feel confident driving wherever you like, whenever you like—so you won’t need to ask for rides, or turn down invitations because you’re nervous about driving there and back.

Read the paper, breeze through a crossword, or pick out what you want on a restaurant menu—without bothering anyone else for help.

Enjoy sharp vision for the little things you love to do—whether it’s sewing, golfing, cooking, or scrapbooking—you’ll never have to give it up because it gets too hard to see.

And while all those things are really important, it’s not just about having the freedom to stay social and active.

Healthy eyesight is far more critical than that…

A 2001 study found that weakening eyesight can raise your risk for frequent falls by 6-fold.

And I’m sure you know—all it takes is one wrong step and you could wind up unable to care for yourself ever again.

So if you want to enjoy a life of independence and fun... Taking in sunsets at the beach… Relaxing evening drives… and nights out celebrating with friends and family…

celebrating with friends and family

Then you need the ONLY total eye-health formula specially developed to help stop—and reverse—age-related vision loss.

It’s called Peak 20/20—and it’s the easiest way you can protect your eyes… And keep your vision crystal clear for life.

Peak 20/20

It combines the powerful antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin—with a specialized blend of research-backed nutrients shown to support healthy eyes and sharp vision.

Together they create the most advanced “perfect vision” supplement ever made.

With Peak 20/20 you can…

See the world through NEW EYES

This powerful formula delivers a superior combination of 16 essential sight-saving nutrients, designed to target every aspect of your eye health, including…

Bilberry—for ultimate night vision.


In WWII many elite British fighter pilots swore that eating bilberry jam helped them fly better at night, when dark conditions made it difficult to see.

And they were definitely on to something…

Now modern science has proven that this medicinal berry is packed with a special kind of antioxidant that defend your eyes against free radical damage.

According to the third edition of Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine, one study showed that a whopping 80% of people taking bilberry extract improved their ability to see at night.

Studies also show that it helps strengthen tissues and boost vital blood flow to the eye.

So with the powerful bilberry extract in Peak 20/20—you won’t have to worry about getting around after dark.

L-Glutathione—for flawlessly clear vision



Glutathione is known as the body’s “master antioxidant” for its strong ability to clear toxins, and purify tissues.

It plays an essential role in protecting your vision by stopping UV radiation damage—which can lead to clouding of the eye.


Your glutathione levels drop as you age, so Peak 20/20 includes the best form of it available—for maximum absorption and clear eyes you can depend on.   

L-Taurine—for razor-sharp vision

The special photoreceptor cells in your retinas act like a camera—sending pictures of what you see to your brain so that it can make sense of it for you

Taurine helps protect and regenerate your retinas and these critically important cells.

But without enough taurine they can rapidly breakdown—so it’s vital you keep your levels up as you age.

Because when your photoreceptor cells start to fail, what you see begins looking like a picture out of focus—blurry…wavy…and disorienting.

But with the superior form of taurine we include in every serving of Peak 20/20—your vision will stay vivid and crisp.

Then, unlike your other options—Peak 20/20 goes even further to target underlying issues that can make your eyes look and feel oldby giving you immediate support to…

BANISH red, itchy, dry eyes—so you can look years younger!

If your eyes ever feel sticky or gritty you know how annoying it can be.  

You feel every single blink…and the itching and stinging make it hard to focus on anything.

But it’s not just annoying…

Dry eye can lead to permanent damage and dramatically diminish your ability to see at night.

And sure, eye drops can help. But they’re expensive, irritating to use—and over time can actually dry out your eyes even more.

Besides, your eyes’ own natural tears do important work that no drops can ever do—continuously bathing your eyes in just the right protective nutrients.

That’s why Peak 20/20 was specially formulated to help your eyes make their own natural moisture—so they’re always perfectly soothed—and rejuvenated from the inside out.

Each serving includes healthy dosages of:

With Peak 20/20’s perfect-vision formula you’ll be on your way in no time.

But we didn’t stop there. To make this the most complete eye-health supplement available—we also included exactly what you need to…

End irritating eye-twitches!

Eye twitches can come out of nowhere—driving you up a wall and making it hard to get things done.

But while they may seem harmless enough, they’re often a sign of an underlying vitamin or mineral deficiency.

That’s where the vitamin B12 in Peak 20/20 comes to the rescue. It’s nature’s ultimate nerve-health tonic.

But B12 deficiency is common in older folks. And when you’re too low for too long—it can lead to vision loss. But even if you’re just a little low in this critical nutrient, you can end up with burning, tingling, twitching and spasms.

Plus, research suggests B12 may even help you focus better and reduce eye strain.

And Peak 20/20 goes a step further with …

Enhanced protection for perfect eyesight

Look, no one likes popping a load of pills every day just to stay healthy. I know I sure don’t.

That’s why our team of researchers went above and beyond to make sure that Peak 20/20 would give you EVERYTHING you need for absolutely perfect eye health.

It’s a complete all-in-one solution—so you’ll never need to take anything else.

That’s why we added a unique “booster” blend of nutrients that actually enhance the overall power of the entire Peak 20/20 formula.

It starts with Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)—considered nature’s most powerful antioxidant because it not only prevents toxins from damaging your eyes, and keeps your nerves healthy…

It has the unique ability to strengthen and extend the power of the other antioxidants in Peak 20/20.

So they all work harder—and longer—to keep your vision in perfect condition.

Plus, research shows that ALA may help promote healthy pressure inside your eyes.

That’s really important if you want to keep your eyes in good shape long-term.

Peak 20/20 also delivers a premium mineral blend of selenium and zinc. Your retinas depend on both of these to fend off damage from free radicals.

But selenium and zinc also help you absorb vitamins A and E better… And work with l-glutathione to keep your eyes clear and protect you from UV radiation.  

And the cherry (tomato) on top—lycopene. This supercharged antioxidant found in tomatoes boosts vitamins A, C, and E, so they work even better.

Helping keep your eyes—and vision—safe for life.

We cut no corners to make the only vision solution you will ever need.

It’s no wonder…

Nothing out there can match the power Peak 20/20 delivers—GUARANTEED

We went to great lengths to give you the best vision solution in the world… So of course we had to go that extra mile and make sure it was easy for you to take.

That’s why we packaged it in an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule.

No need to choke on a huge tablet that takes a whole glass of water to gag down.

Our premium capsules go down nice and smooth

Plus, Peak 20/20 is made with highly select, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients sourced from the most pristine places on earth.

Then they’re all combined using the most advanced technology and highest quality standards.

But here’s the thing…

Peak 20/20 is only available from New Summit Nutritionals. We formulate the finest supplements in the world, and make it easy by shipping them directly to you.

No trips to the store, no parking hassles, no middle-man mark-ups. Just fast, stress-free service, great value, and superior products that work.

And I’m soconfident that you’ll see the results you want with Peak 20/20, that I’m giving you an unheard of 100% Lifetime “Perfect Vision” Money-Back Guarantee on the product price.

That means if you ever feel that Peak 20/20 isn’t living up to its promise, all you have to do is give us a call.

You’ll get a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked. 

With your Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee you can take as long as you want to see how well Peak 20/20 helps your vision over time.

And it only gets better the longer you take it.

Want vision that actually

With Peak 20/20’s exclusive blend of antioxidants and minerals you could be on your way in no time…

But best of all…you just might get to shock your doctor when you take your next eye exam.

Just like those veterans in the V.A. study did!

So it’s important that you…

Stock up NOW!

Peak 20/20 is designed to help your eyes see better, feel better, look better, and last a lifetime.


Its power keeps building over time—day after day, month after month, year after year. It never quits.

Helping protect your eyes and vision for life.

I know that once you see the results it delivers—you’ll never want to be without it again.

That’s why we put together a special deal—which you’ll see after you click the button below—offering a huge discount when you stock up.

Simply choose the 6 bottle option on the order form.

You’ll save the most, and rest easy knowing that you’re protecting your vision now and down the road.

And remember—as you get older it’s really important that you keep up the protection.

Not only that…

With our EZ-Ship option, you never have to worry about running out. You don’t have to remember to re-order.

And most important—you don’t have to be afraid that your vision might suffer while you wait for your next shipment to arrive.

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Save big when you stock up—free shipping for life. That’s the absolute best offer I can give you.

And, remember, your order is completely risk-free. You see results or you get a 100% refund of the product price. No hassles.

There’s no doubt about it…

Peak 20/20 gives you everything
you need for perfect vision

Peak 20/20

You’ll see FAST how well it works.

Whether you find yourself breezing through your needlepoint with ease… Or tying hooks on the line faster than your grandson can…

Even if your vision is perfect—Peak 20/20 gives you what you need to help keep it that way forever.

Just imagine knowing you’ll always be able to drive where you like, when you like…

Read a bedtime story to your grandkids…or maybe even your great-grandkids

And live the life you want—without fear that you’ll lose your independence.

It can all be yours when you click the ORDER NOW button below the video (you may need to scroll down to see it) and claim your risk-free supply of Peak 20/20 right now.

Just click the button below and get in on the most powerful vision breakthrough ever created.

And in just a few short days you’ll start to see how much better your whole life can be.

To your bright days ahead,

New Summit Nutritionals

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